Technology research and development


Technological innovation

AULFA Elevator Co., Ltd. has introduced abundant talents and technology to provide more personalized options for customers with different needs. We have continuously increased investment in R & D, established a well-equipped R & D center with strong R & D capability, and actively carried out Technological innovation and technological innovation.


people oriented

The company attaches great importance to the introduction and cultivation of scientific and technological personnel, the company has nearly 100 technical personnel, technical staff accounting for more than 30% (production line workers, except).

Technical Training

For the new technology, the company for the new staff, site maintenance workers, technical staff, service personnel to provide the whole ladder of knowledge, the whole ladder structure, the whole ladder debugging, the entire ladder maintenance of knowledge.

Technical personnel

AULFA Elevator has five test engineers with more than eight years of work experience in the escalator industry, with more than 10 years of experience in laboratory management.

Innovation strength

AULFA Elevator Company has been working closely with world-class fittings companies to introduce advanced technologies, including permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, VVVF variable frequency door machine system, advanced intelligent management system and group control intelligent management system.

Permanent magnet synchronous gear-less traction machine
It uses rare earth materials, external rotor construction and the?permanent magnet synchronous motor drive, but eliminates the worm?shaft transmission and integrates the coaxial transmission technology,?the digital frequency conversion ?technology and the computer groups?combined control technology fully, to improve the running efficiency?greatly.
Group control intelligent management system

It makes uniform control of multiple elevators in the same building through computer network platform, with rational allocation of elevator waiting in different floors and making response in the principle of nearest response to improve the efficiency of the elevator to save the waiting time and power consumption.

Intelligent management system

With IC card intelligent identification system,it set the authority management function, to combine the elevator control technology and computer communication technology perfectly, which enhances the security and intelligence of the building ?management greatly.

VVVF frequency conversion door-motor system

Constant torque characteristics and unique curve running state can adjust the ?elevator speed smoothly, thus improving the running comfort, leveling accuracy and reducing the operating noise greatly.

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